The Importance of Domain Names

Domain names are necessary because the internet scheme can’t do without them. Each computer which is in the internet has an internet protocol that it follows, and they have an IP address. Because it would be hard to remember all of the IP addresses of your favourite sites, some computer scientists came together and created a domain name system for giving unique names to numeric IP addresses. A short and simple domain name can play a prominent role in the success of your business or be getting lost in cyberspace. Here is why domain names are essential.

•Adds credibility to your business

small company

A domain name will add credibility to your small company. Having a personal domain name makes your company or industry to look professional. If you happen to publish your website with a free web hosting service provider, you will end up with a URL for your company. A lot of people don’t trust e-commerce and the internet. You want to do the extreme so that customer can trust you with their money. You should be in a position to pay money to get your domain name registered so that clients can trust you.

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• Forward-thinking

Having a domain name suggests that you are forward thinking and are part and parcel of the digital revolution. It also implies that you are aware of the emerging technologies. Having your domain name will keep you ahead of your competitors.

• Adds mobility to your internet presence

Having your domain name gives you the freedom of taking it with you in case you decide to change web hosts or if you happen to switch to your in-house server. If already you don’t have a domain name, you will be forced to use a URL which might destroy the branding that you had built with the prior address.

Domain Regitration

• Attracts direct business

If you choose that you want to register a domain name that goes hand in hand with the idea of your business instead of your business name you might attract web surfers who are looking for that topic. For example, a hardware store that will register might get clients who are looking for axes on the internet. Also as much as search engines are hard to predict, Axes.ccom could show up a lot of times in the search results when a person searches for information on Axes.

• It builds your brand

A domain name makes your brand. It also creates a lot of awareness on your brand. If your domain name matches with the name of your company it emphasizes your brand and makes clients remember it and even return. It will also be a lot easier for your clients to promote your business through word of mouth as they will be able to remember your company name and tell it to their friends.

Generate traffic

Majority of premium domain already have traffic. This traffic generally comes from referral traffic or direct type in traffic. Direct type-in traffic means that a person who is looking for a particular product bypasses a search engine and goes directly to type in the product name into their browser. This is one of the best traffic as it doesn’t cost anything for it to be obtained and it’s highly targeted. Referral traffic mostly comes from links to other sites. A lot of premium domain names are old and come with a lot of backlinks resulting in high and quality traffic.


A good domain name can generate a lot of traffic to your website and also build your business reputation which will in return bring more clients.